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    ACSEV Fee Survey

    A sample of ACSEV members were surveyed in 2016 with regards to schedule of fees for engineering services.            Fees shown may not be inclusive of G.S.T.   

    Expert Witness   $280 - $390 per hour

    Director/Partner $220 - $330 per hour

    Senior Engineer  $180 - $240 per hour

    Engineer            $120 - $180 per hour

    Senior Draftsperson  $130 - $160 per hour

    Draftsperson      $90 - $120 per hour

    Office Administration $60 - $90 per hour  

    Vehicle costs will be charged at the appropriate RACV scale. ACSEV Members are not bound by this schedule of fees. Clients using the engineering services of ACSEV members can be assured of the highset standard of technical engineering service for their projects.

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